About the Author

About the Author

David Sheppard is an astronautical engineer with a BS (mechanical engineering) from Arizona State University and an MS (aero/astro engineering) from Stanford University. He worked for several aerospace companies and on many NASA and US Air Force projects during his 30 year career. He also studied American Literature at the University of Colorado.

Although he worked in management during the last years of his career, he still considers his primary field of expertise to be flight mechanics. After being honorably discharged from the US Air Force, where he had specialized in aircraft performance, and stability and control, and calculated airborne rocket trajectories, he worked on the Viking missions to Mars, both on atmospheric entry and in-flight and on-orbit staging, which resulted in the safe landing of two spacecraft on Mars. He also worked on ICBM ascent trajectories for orbital insertion of US Air Force satellites. Toward the end of his career, he generated launch trajectories and post test trajectory reconstruction on sounding rockets and as a contract engineer on geosynchronous satellites in support of orbital station-keeping and stability and control.

He is also an author having written nine books, both fiction and non-fiction, all having absolutely nothing to do with engineering or economics. His interest in economics started in 1960 when he entered college and took a class in American history. Since then, he has been interested in the underly forces that shape economies and how they resemble the forces of physics. His background in engineering dynamics has increasingly convinced him that the methods of physics can be applied to economics.

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