About Header Image

I took the header image for the Physics of Economics in the fall of 1993 while visiting Colonus, the Athens suburb, which is the setting of Sophocles' play Oedipus at Colonus.

Why would such an image show up to represent the contents of a website dedicated to investigating the natural laws that underpin and govern the function of the world's economics systems, and particularly one that has to do with Greece, which is so economically strapped and has been for some time?

The answer has mainly to do with the kiosk in the right of the frame, although several other features of the image also came into play. It is a picture of economic activity with three nicely dressed women standing before the kiosk and, one would assume, all three about to make an individual purchase. More importantly, we can't see that they probably haven't bought anything yet, so they are in a state of suspended animation representing supply (kiosk) and demand (women), which is the cornerstone of all economic enterprise.